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Major Employers

All American Homes of Iowa LLC

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  • Since 1970, All American Homes of Iowa LLC have been building high quality homes, quickly and efficiently. Precision built in their state-of-the-art construction facilities.

    All American Homes LLC Doug Stimpson
    Vice President & General Manager
    Phone: 800-992-9013
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    NAICS Code: 2452-Modular homes

    1551 15th Ave. SE
    P.O. Box 219
    Dyersville, IA  52040
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    Number of Employees: 100
    Parent Company: Coachmen Industries, Inc.
    Full Time Employees: 100
    Part Time Employees: 0
    Founding Date: 1972
    Products: Manufacture modular homes and apartments

Bard Materials

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  • At BARD Materials, these values are our foundation. As a leading supplier of ready-mix concrete and aggregate since 1946, we use years of experience and state-of-the-art resources to provide superior service and quality to the tri-state area. Our client is our focus and we strive everyday for total customer satisfaction. Find out more about BARD Materials and how we deliver material value with integrity.

    Bard Materials Building Tony Thier
    Concrete and aggregate
    Fax: 563-875-7860
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    SIC Code: 3273
    NAICS Code: 32732

    P.O. Box 246
    Dyersville, IA  52040
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    Number of Employees: 120
    Full Time Employees: 120
    Part Time Employees: 0
    Founding Date: 1946
    Products: Ready-mix concrete (agricultural lime, crushed rock, sand)

Big River United Energy

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  • Big River United Energy, LLC - Dyersville, IA, produces 110 million gallons of ethanol annually. It is an ICM/Fagen design facility. It was purchased by Big River United Energy, LLC September 2009. The facility consumes 39 million bushels of corn from the region and provides an environmentally friendly, clean, renewable fuel, and 350,000 tons each year of valuable high quality livestock feed for local, regional and national markets.

    Big River Energy, LLC 3294 Vine Rd
    Dyersville, IA 52040 US
    Phone: 563-875-5500
    Fax: 563-875-5590

    Terry Manchester
    General Manager
    E-Mail Address: terry.manchester@bigriverunitedenergy.com
    Web Address: www.bigriverresources.com

    Founding Date: 2001
    Products: Production and sale of ethanol and its co-products
    Local Area Employees : Full Time: 50
    SIC: 2860-Chemicals / Union : No 


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  • Privately-owned Australian company that is a global leader in the manufacturing and exporting of gearboxes and construction equipment attachments for the earthmoving industry. Founded in the 1970's, Digga supplied earthmoving wearparts to local Australian machine operators. Today, Digga produces 79 different construction equipment attachments, wearparts and spareparts to suit most machine types. Digga is also Australia's largest manufacturer of planetary gearboxes which are sold to the world's leading construction equipment manufacturers. Digga stands out from their competitors by designing, testing and producitng high quality planetary gearboxes.

    Digga Suzie Wright
    Fax: 563-875-9139
    Visit the Website

    2325 Industrial Pkway
    Dyersville, IA  52040
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    Parent Company: Digga Australia
    Products: Augers, uger & anchor drives
    # of Employees: 230

Dyersville Commercial/Eastern Iowa Shopping News

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  • The Dyersville Commercial is a weekly newspaper in Dyersville, Iowa, serving the local area with news, advertising and information.   The Eastern Iowa Shopping News is a weekly publication that goes to every home free of charge in the Eastern Iowa area around Dyersville, Manchester, Guttenberg, Edgewood, Colesburg and more. 

    Dyersville Commercial Eastern Iowa Shopping News Mary Ungs-Sogaard
    Publisher/General Manager
    Fax: 563-875-2279
    NAICS Code: 2711-Newspaper printing

    P.O. Box 350
    223 1st Ave E.
    Dyersville  52040

    Number of Employees: 20
    Parent Company: Woodward Communications, Inc.
    Full Time Employees: 15
    Part Time Employees: 5
    Founding Date: 1873
    Products: Newspaper, commercial printing, fax service, laminating, stampers

Dyersville Die Cast

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  • Custom manufacturer of zinc and aluminum die castings, along with value-added processes of CNC machining, powder coating, injection molding, assembly, and full-service tool shop.

    Jane Ertl
    Vice President
    Fax: 563-875-2753
    Visit the Website

    SIC Code: 3363
    NAICS Code: 331312

    502 5th Street NW
    P.O. Box 327
    Dyersville, IA  52040
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    Number of Employees: 250
    Parent Company: Joseph L. Ertl, Inc.
    Full Time Employees: 250
    Part Time Employees: 0
    Founding Date: 1970
    Products: Custom manufacturing of zinc and aluminum die casting, CNC machining, powder coating, injection molding, assembly, tool shop

EIMCo LLC. (East Iowa Machine Company, LLC.)

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  • (EIMCo.) is an ISO 9001; 2008 certified manufacturing company located in Farley, Iowa. The company converts raw metals into finished component parts and assemblies utilizing a wide variety of computerized numeric controlled (CNC) maching centers and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. EIMCo was founded by Rick & Mary Hoffman and began in Dyersville in 1992 with two employees, Rick and his brother Jamie Hoffman.

    The company relocated to Farley in 1999 and over the years, has grown and expanded to employ nearly 130 people working three shifts in a shop of over 125,000 square feet. EIMCo has over 50 computer-controlled machines, which include CNC mills and lathes, lasers, plasma-flame cutters, saws, press brakes, robotic welders, and induction heat-treat. In addition, EIMCo has advanced quality inspection equipment which includes 2CMMs and a VQC inspection system. EIMCo continues to invest in the newest technologies to stay competitive in the industry and averages over $1 million per year in such investments.


    Rick Hoffman
    Fax: 563-744-9090
    Visit the Website

    NAICS Code: 332710 - Machine Shops

    800 Drill Point Drive SW
    P.O. Box 100
    Farley, IA  52046
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    Number of Employees: 150
    Full Time Employees: 135
    Part Time Employees: 15
    Founding Date: 1992
    Products: Machine Shop

Engineering Services and Products

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  • We are a manufacturing and distribution business, specializing in clear span fabric structures and greenhouses.


    Dave Buchheit
    VP Operations
    Fax: 563-875-2317
    Visit the Website

    Exporter: Yes
    SIC Code: 5961
    NAICS Code: 45411

    1440 Field of Dreams Way
    Dyersville, IA  52040
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    Number of Employees: 300
    Parent Company: Engineering Services & Products Co.
    Full Time Employees: 220
    Part Time Employees: 80
    Founding Date: 1979
    Products: Agricultural, norticultural, building, storage and maintenance products.

Faust Millwork & Cabinetry, Inc.

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  • Russ Faust
    Fax: 563-875-8771
    SIC Code: 2431
    NAICS Code: 321911

    795 6th Avenue NW
    Dyersville, IA  52040
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    Number of Employees: 18
    Full Time Employees: 16
    Part Time Employees: 2
    Founding Date: 1989
    Products: Panel doors, millwork and cabinets

Horsfield Companies

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  • Maureen Horsfield
    Fax: 563-876-3487
    Visit the Website

    505 East Main St.
    Epworth, IA  52045
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    Number of Employees: 100
    Full Time Employees: 100
    Part Time Employees: 0
    Founding Date: 1984
    Products: Concrete paving, curb and gutter, excavation, sewer, water, demolition, trucking, ready mix concrete, aggregate materials, residential, industrial and commercial developments


Lumber Specialties

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  • Lumber Specialties is a material supplier of manufactured roof and floor trusses, and wall panels for residential and commercial buildings. Lumber Specialties' manufactured wood products are designed to meet or exceed building code requirements, and Lumber Specialties places special emphasis on customer service and product perfection. Lumber Specialties also has a manufacturing facility in Story City, IA and a satellite designs/dratfing office in Hew Hampshire area.

    Lumber Specialties Dennis Westhoff
    Fax: 563-875-2579
    Visit the Website

    SIC Code: 2439
    NAICS Code: 321912

    1700 Beltline Rd E
    P.O. Box 38
    Dyersville, IA  52040
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    Number of Employees: 269
    Full Time Employees: 227
    Part Time Employees: 42
    Founding Date: 1983
    Products: Floor and roof trusses, wall panels

Mercy Medical Center

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  • Dawn Wold
    Mercy Medical Center Dyersville Dyersville Administrator
    Visit the Website

    SIC Code: 8062
    NAICS Code: 62211
    Parent Company: CHE Trinity Health of Livonia, Michigan
    Local Employees: 131
    Products: Mercy Medical Center-Dyersville is a hospital and nursing home, also providing 24-hr emergency room care.

Modernfold, Inc.

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  • Al Hartman
    Plant Manager
    Fax: 563-875-7916
    Visit the Website

    Exporter: Yes
    NAICS Code: 3442-Operable & moveable walls & folding doors

    P.O. Box 249
    512 5th. Street NW
    Dyersville, IA  52040
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    Number of Employees: 201
    Parent Company: DORMA
    Full Time Employees: 201
    Part Time Employees: 0
    Founding Date: 1961
    Products: Operable walls and folding partitions

Nu World Foods

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  • 594 6th Ave NW
    Nu World Foods Dyersville, Iowa 52040 US
    Phone: 563-875-6110
    Fax: 563-875-6309

    Susan Walters - Flood
    Email: susan@nuworldfamily.com
    Web Address: www.nuworldamaranth.com
    Founding Date: 1983
    Products: Gluten-free, Allergen-free food manufacturer, Organic grains
    Local Area Employees: Full Time: 70, Part Time: 0
    Union : No


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  • Spireon Dave Boekholder
    V.P. of Sales Automotive Solutions Group

    2093 20th Ave. S.E. 
    Dyersville, IA  52040
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    Number of Employees: 170
    Full Time Employees: 170
    Part Time Employees: 0
    Products: asset tracking

Steger Contruction, Inc.

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  • Jesse Steger
    Steger Construction Inc jsteger@iowatelecom.net
    3297 Vine Rd
    Dyersville, IA  52040
    Visit the website: stegerconst.com

    Number of Employees: 60
    Founding Date: 1973
    Products: Heavy excavation/grading contractor


Western Dubuque Biodiesel

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  • Biodiesel production facility - 30 million gallon capacity

    Western Dubuque Biodiesel Tom Brooks
    General Manager
    SIC Code: 2869
    NAICS Code: 325199

    904 Jamesmeier Road
    P.O. Box 82
    Farley, IA  52046
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    Number of Employees: 24
    Parent Company: Western Dubuque Biodiesel
    Full Time Employees: 24
    Part Time Employees: 0
    Products: Biodiesel & Alycerin

TOMY International, Inc.

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  • Tomy International Inc., is a leading designer, producer and marketer of innovative, high quality toys, collectibles, infant and toddler products.

    Doris Koopmann
    Sr. VP Operations
    Fax: 563-875-8263
    Exporter: Yes

    2021 9th St. SE
    Dyersville, IA  52040
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    Number of Employees: 203
    Parent Company: TOMY Company, Ltd.
    Full Time Employees: 193
    Part Time Employees: 10
    Products: Toys, collectibles, infant and toddler products

Western Dubuque County Community School District

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  • Jeff Corkery

    West Dubuque County Community School District Superintendent
    Fax: 563-744-3093
    Visit the Website

    SIC Code: 8222
    NAICS Code: 61121

    310 4th Street SW
    PO Box 68
    Farley, IA  52046-0068
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    Number of Employees: 501
    Full Time Employees: 339
    Part Time Employees: 162
    Founding Date: 1960
    Products: Education